As Icarus

And her feet, but barely touch the earth,
As she glides, silently, smoothly,
Through my dreams, my heart, my life.

And where they touch, they strike a chord,
Deep, deep, down, strumming my soul,
With gentle harmonies, of my heart's desire.

Higher, and higher, I rise like a phoenix,
Newly born, from the ashes of sorrow,
That did surround me, for so long.

Free, free, silver wings spread wide,
I soar and sail, high away from all,
That held me, bound and fettered.

And there above, I see her shadow,
Climbing towards the sun,
That glows ever hotter, ever brighter.

Then, as I near the gilded orb,
I see at last, 'twas but mere illusion.
But it is, too late, too, too, late!

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